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Eziawa Town Union

History of Eziawa


The few historical facts about Eziawa are based on legends. These legendary facts in some cases do not agree. No attempt in the past was made to document these facts but if there has been, they have not been made public.

This little piece of work of mind will serve as a mirror through which we can see the few known facts about Eziawa and the much to be known / explored. This is to be the task of future scholars / historians.


Eziawa is begotten by Awa. Awa begot their children: Urualla, Akama na Ubaha, Akapara. The legend has it that Akama na Ubaha means that (Aka m na Uba m ha) in another development it is said that Akpara and Okabia are brothers. They were begotten by Akwukwo Uma but due to troubles from Akpara he was asked to move a part and he settled at the present site. Another legend has it that Akama was begotten by Ugbele while Ubaha was begotten by Okpoko. One can't reconcile this fact thatAkama and Ubaha are one indivisible unity called Akam na Ubam ha. The characteristics of Akama and Ubaha don't seem to suggest indivisibility. Urualla which was earlier said that she is one of the sons of Awa, is said to have come from Urualla Ezeagu. According to this source it said that they were hunters who missed their way and were captured by the inhabitants.

But be it as it may, it has been established confirmed and accepted that Awa was the first settler and that this Awa has three sons whether begotten captured or adopted. Both Awa and his immediate descendants have based all their sharing of assets and liabilities on there three recognized issues - that from the three main villages in Eziawa. These villages are made up of kindred.