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About Eziawa

Welcome to, the official advocacy news portal and information hub of the BFI Centre for Eziawa Development (BFI-CED), a project facilitated by the BFI Media ministry and the BFI Civic Response and Community Development Programme (BFI- CiRACDEP).

The BFI-CiRACDEP is a semi-autonomous online media service organ of the Beautiful Feet International (BFI), a faith-based organization based in Nigeria, networking locally and nationally and internationally, employing holistic and innovative approaches to gospel evangelization, spiritual emancipation, moral capital development and sustainable community development, in the context of adding value to lives and fulfilling God’s purpose for humanity.


To become the catalyst for sustainable development, peace building, human and moral capital development in the society. To facilitate tangible government presence, attention and innovative exploitation and management of natural resources and the creative, cultural and ecotourism wealths in Eziawa autonomous community and her immediate neighbours who are suffering abject poverty for many decades due to government neglect of the rural areas.


To exploit online community journalism and multi-media services to create massive awareness about the tourism, socio-economic investment potentials in the Eziawa community and her immediate neighbours in the Nigerian eastern heartland- with focus on the land, the people, the Arts and culture, the economic potentials, the problems and challenges, etc, within the framework of attracting necessary attention, holistic synergy and innovative development interventions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally that will result in tangible changes and sustainable development of the area in line with Nigeria’s vision 20-2020.